The Workspace
of Tomorrow

Future-proof your workspace for the new world of work. Download the latest in-depth guide from ROOM where we spotlight the new world of adaptive architecture which is leading a workspace revolution, turning the office into a place of possibilities—not inevitabilities.

Part I

The Rise and Fall
of the Open Plan

Our greatest ability as human beings is our capacity to adapt—so why have our workspaces been anything but flexible?

In Part I, we explore the many explanations for the dysfunctional workplace: increasing real estate costs, 24/7 connectivity, long-term commercial leases and the failure of the office to adapt and innovate.

Part II

Back Better

Adaptive architecture is reshaping the office of tomorrow with workspaces that are prepared for the future, ready to adapt to the unknown and able to accommodate change again and again.

In Part II, learn more about the benefits of flexible design.

Part III

Designing Today
for Tomorrow

The last century has taught us that there’s not one true perfect workspace, and that’s why the flexibility of modular design is the cure-all. In the race toward the office’s new era, adaptive architecture is the clear frontrunner.

In Part III, we explore how adaptive architecture provides the building blocks for dynamic office design and precisely how ROOM helps you build for the future.

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