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The ideal solution for Day 1 and beyond.

If you want to ensure that your office is smart, cost-effective, and a place where your team truly thrives, office phone booths and modular meeting rooms may be your answer.

The open office is broken. Constant noise and insufficient meeting space lead to lost productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, as well as higher stress levels.

Noise compromises health and productivity
Source: A 2019 survey of office workers by Remark Group
Workers who say noise impacts their ability to work
Workers who say noise has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing
Workers who say noise makes them feel more stressed
Don’t forget meeting room congestion.

A 2019 study conducted by ROOM and Density found that conference rooms were occupied nearly 40% of the time by a single person using it as their private office. Adding phone booths dramatically reduced congestion.

3 reasons why you should choose pre-fab booths
Compared to constructing your own, pre-fab booths are the wiser choice, for both Day 1 and Day 2 planning.

ROOM delivers an affordable solution to open office noise.
Pre-fab phone booths are becoming the industry standard. A key reason: They are affordable—just $3,895 for a ROOM booth or upwards of $8,000 to $10,000 from the competition. In addition, ROOM 4 for small group meetings is $13,000 compared to $17,000 or more with add-ons.

You pay more when you build from scratch.
You can build a custom booth to fit your brand or a specific space, shape or size. But it can be costly. Expect to pay at least $10,000 for a basic booth and up to $40,000 for a more elaborate small room. You may deal with as many as seven contractors—including framing, drywall, electrical and more—and they will parade in and out of your office creating unnecessary distractions and upheaving teams.

Cost comparison: pre-fab vs. construction

ROOM Booth
DIY Booth
Materials (drywall/framing)
Total Cost
> $9,950

Click. Deliver. Assemble. Done.
Order a ROOM booth online, receive it within a few weeks, and your own team can spend less than an hour assembling. Immediately, your team will find the needed privacy and quiet to do their best work. A recent study by ROOM found that a new booth integrated into an office space was used by employees 59 hours—or 246 times—in just two weeks.

DIY takes a lot of time.
You may spend two to six weeks of your own time and resources to design and build a single booth, and two months for a built-in meeting room. (Time that could be better spent running and growing your business.)

A DIY booth would likely require:

  • Permits, landlord permissions and working with contractors.
  • Consultation with an architectural engineer and building manager to ensure safety.
  • Commissioning 3D models and professional design of AC, electrical wires, sprinkler systems, soundproofing material, and air ventilation.
  • Hiring a lawyer to contractually protect what a contractor does — or does not do — inside your office
  • Final sign offs from a licensed electrician, fire marshal, and building inspector.

The ROOM booths are portable.
You can easily move them for use in various places throughout your office—or to an entirely new location. That’s great for teams that are constantly reorganizing in pods, wings or floors. And, just like your office furniture, you get to take your booths with you when you move out, or wherever you go next.

Constructed DIY booths stay with the office.
Built-in booths can’t be moved, and do not adjust for a changing workforce. If you lease your space and move out, your investment—and the booth—stays with the landlord. ROOM booths and meeting rooms allow for private space to move with you, maximizing your investment.

See how phone booth models stack up.
From ensuring our booths are fire safe, and clear of dangerous VOCs, as shown by our GREENGUARD certification, we go the extra mile to ensure our booths meet the maximum standard of quality.

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