Make room for a better way to work.

Our phone booth creates a happier, more productive workplace. Find out how many you need to create the ideal space for your workforce.

ROOM's booth provides flexible and affordable space for private calls and heads down work without the need for added construction. LEARN MORE
Make more room in your workplace

Place booths in high-activity areas.

Generally speaking, the more crowded an area, the higher the noise level. Booths are best situated in close proximity to where they're most needed. They can create space for focused work and private calls in heavily trafficked areas, or create space for important conversations in quiet areas.

Set the rule: no camping out allowed.

Promote proper use by ensuring team members use booths for one-hour time blocks or less. Make sure you have enough booths throughout the space so they’re available to anyone who needs to pop in for a quick work session.

Convert underutilized spaces into productivity hubs.

Our booths have a small footprint which means that multiple booths can easily be placed in a row against a wall, lining a hallway, or within dead space, to ensure you're maximizing your real estate.

Resources that make your space work for you.
See how phone booth models stack up.
From ensuring our booths are fire safe, and clear of dangerous VOCs, as shown by our GREENGUARD certification, we go the extra mile to ensure our booths meet the maximum standard of quality.

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