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Introducing a better way to work together in the office. Connect, collaborate and contribute, all without the hassle of additional construction.

Monitor & Camera Frame
Wooden frame houses built-in monitor and camera for seamless office video conferencing.
A fully equipped whiteboard moves over the rail for easy access. Available as an add-on.
Motion Sensor
Occupancy sensor helps you stay energy efficient all day long.
Ultra Quiet Ventilation
Silent fans in the roof and air inlets behind the sofas keep the air inside fresh at all times.
Built in Powerbox
Powerbox holds cables in place and ensures devices stay charged.
Sustainably Soundproof
Made from recycled PET and engineered to reduce office noise by 30dB.
Accessory Rail
Custom rails for accessories like hooks and shelves, for a clutter-free work session.

Just how soundproof is 30 decibels of noise reduction in a ROOM office pod?


Over 70% of meetings in the office involve only two to four people. Our soundproof office pods maximize the value of your real estate.

Cost Effective

At a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, our pre-fab office meeting pod creates additional space for meetings without constant noise and distraction.

Time Saving

Our soundproof office meeting pod meeting installs on-site in just a few hours. Because it’s safety ensured, you won’t have to chase after permits, contractors and more.


Unlike traditional construction, our office meeting pod can be positioned in various places throughout the office, or moved to an entirely new location.

Thoughtfully designed details bring to life a purpose-built space creating better one-on-ones and small team discussions.

Video conferencing in ROOM’s soundproof office pod for the open office

Connect confidently with built-in video conferencing

The Jabra PanaCast 180-degree camera shows everyone in the room, not just the person in front of the screen.

Compatible with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Teams & Zoom, the PanaCast ensures seamless integration, regardless of your choice of equipment.

Our office office pods are thoughtfully engineered to keep you charged and connected, while ensuring your workplace is organized and clutter-free.

Hidden electrical and wireless charging in ROOM’s meeting pod for the open office

Power Outlets and Charging

3 AC outlets, one USB-A port and one USB-C port keep your devices charges, minimizing interruptions.


2 CAT6 data ports keep you connected throughout your work session.

Monitor Connection

1 USB-C wire connects your device to the built-in monitor.

Camera Connection

1 USB-A port connects your device to the Jabra PanaCast webcam.

Booking system for ROOM’s soundproof office pod for the modern workspace

Book a room, anytime

Seamlessly integrate any booking system currently being used by your team to view and manage office meeting pod usage.

Booking system bracket available as an add-on in Standard & Pro Meeting Rooms. Tablet not included.

by design.

By thinking cyclical, we’re not only designing for the way our products are used, but the way they’re reused. Leveraging recycled plastic bottles for our soundproofing and giving our office meeting pods a second life post-use, we’re making more room for the environment. Learn More
Sustainable meeting pod designed and manufactured by ROOM to inspire better work

Get the FAQs

What are office pods?

Office meeting pods are flexibly-designed workspaces that provide purpose-built space in open office environments for collaboration. Office pods have become popular as businesses have moved to open floor plans which offer minimal space for small-team meetings and private one-on-ones. Over 70% of meetings in the office only involve two to four people, so incorporating smaller office meeting pods into floor plans enables businesses to free up larger conference rooms for the number of individuals they were designed to host.

The majority of office meeting pods are designed with soundproofing materials that ensure what you say in a office pod, stays in a office pod. ROOM’s office meeting pods are engineered to reduce noise by 30 decibels. ROOM also offers an open version of its office meeting pod, called the Open Meeting Room which is an ideal workspace for impromptu brainstorms and team discussions.

How much do office meeting pods cost?

Office meeting pods vary in cost, anywhere from $15,000 to upwards of $40,000 depending on size of the office pod and available features. ROOM’s standard Meeting Room cost is $19,995 before tax, making it one of the most cost-effective options. One of the things to look out for when buying an office meeting pod is what you're paying for. Most players in the market sell exclusively through furniture dealers meaning there is a significant mark up before your new soundproof office pod is delivered to your office.

How do you know that you’re paying the right price when buying a soundproof office meeting pod? Look for quality, performance and sustainability. ROOM offers the best value office meeting pod on the market. We keep costs low not by compromising on quality or performance, but by cutting out the middleman and selling direct from factory to your business. We ship our products flat to reduce shipping cost and assemble in less than 3 hours in your office.

Interested in comparing office meeting pods on the market — look no further than our own comparison page where you can compare pricing, features and more for some of the top office meeting pod providers.

Why buy a modular conference room?

Did you know that office conference rooms are occupied 40% of the time by just one person? Most likely, your workspace is currently misusing plenty of valuable real estate. Our soundproof office meeting pods create purpose-built space for small-team discussions of up to four people, and private one-on-ones, reducing larger office pod congestion without the need, and cost, of traditional construction. Just one of our soundproof office meeting pods is all it takes to see office productivity and workforce happiness increase.

Our flexibly-designed phone booths are also cost effective. If you decide to build your own office meeting pod leveraging traditional construction, that might cost you $40,000 or more. Our pre-fab office meeting pods have everything you need for a productive team meeting at a fraction of the cost, starting at just $19,995 before tax. Plus, our office pods are up and running in your office in just under three hours so you can get to work right away. Our soundproof office meeting pod is even pre-certified so you won’t have to chase after permits, contractors and more, meaning you’re up and running in the workplace the minute your office meeting pod is assembled. And after? Unlike traditional construction that stays with the office if you relocate, our modular office meeting pods are flexibly-designed so you can take them with you when you move offices, floors, or even move to an entirely new location.

How much does it cost to build a office pod?

You can build a custom office pod to fit your brand or a specific space, shape or size, but it will be costly. Frankly, you pay more to build when you build from scratch. Expect to pay at least $40,000 or more for a small office meeting pod. You may deal with as many as seven contractors—including framing, drywall, electrical and more—and they will parade in and out of your office creating unnecessary distractions and upheaving teams.

Not only are you losing out when it comes to cost, you’re losing out in time savings, which is just as important when considering office design. Simply put, DIY takes a lot of time. Expect to spend two months or more for a built-in office meeting pod, time that could be better spent running and growing your business.

A DIY office meeting pod would likely require:

  • Permits, landlord permissions and working with contractors.
  • Consultation with an architectural engineer and building manager to ensure safety.
  • Commissioning 3D models and professional design of AC, electrical wires, sprinkler systems, soundproofing material, and air ventilation.
  • Hiring a lawyer to contractually protect what a contractor does — or does not do — inside your office
  • Final sign offs from a licensed electrician, fire marshal, and building inspector.

On the flip side, order a pre-fab office meeting pod, receive it within a few weeks, and your team can get to work in just a few hours courtesy of plug & play installation.

What is modular architecture?

Modular architecture is a flexible architecture that stands in stark contrast to traditional construction. Modular architecture is affordable to buy, fast to deploy, and easy to change over and over again. It is a more sustainable alternative to fixed construction that allows companies, landlords, office providers, architects, and designers the ability to build spaces that adjust to a company and its workforce’s ever-changing needs.

Modular office systems are also more affordable than traditional construction, requiring no demolition and only minimal assembly. They are faster and easier to erect, and, most importantly, they are better for the planet. Think about typical construction: The drywall, the 2x4s. The loud hammering, the dust, and the waste. Now forget about all of it because prefabricated offices bypass the wasteful practices of conventional construction, and in the process, drastically reduce carbon emissions. Modular architecture has a longer lifespan too, thanks to modularity that allows each component to be reconfigured again and again without any further impact on the environment. There’s no need to undergo massive renovations when moderate replacement and easy reorientation will yield the same results.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of modular architecture? Come see for yourself at one of ROOM’s showrooms. Book a showroom visit at any one of our showrooms around the world.

Soundproof office phone booth in dark color by ROOM

Phone Booth

Soundproof office pod / meeting room in dark color made by ROOM

Open Meeting Room

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