Open Meeting Room

4.8 348 Reviews

The open meeting room for better collaboration in the office
Open Meeting Room

4.8 348 Reviews

The open meeting room for better collaboration in the office

  • Ships flat
  • Plug & play
  • Flexible to any space


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Accessory rail attachment

Total: $18,995 $18,995

The world's leading brands choose ROOM.Over 7,000 and counting.

By opening up our office meeting pod, we’re inspiring out-of-the-box thinking with a social space that opens a world of possibilities. With the added option of a built-in monitor and 180-degree camera for seamless office video conferencing, pop into our Open Meeting Room and open up a better way to collaborate.

Monitor & Camera Frame
Wooden frame houses built-in monitor and camera for seamless office video conferencing.
A fully equipped whiteboard moves over the rail for easy access. Available as an add-on.
Motion Sensor
Occupancy sensor helps you stay energy efficient all day long.
Responsive Lighting
Built-in lighting settings create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, presentation or meeting.
Built in Powerbox
Powerbox holds cables in place and ensures devices stay charged.
Sustainably Soundproof
Each wall is composed of PET made with upcycled plastic bottles, engineered to reduce office noise.
Accessory Rail
Custom rails for accessories like hooks and shelves, for a clutter-free work session.
The word on the street
Perfect for our needs!
In our open plan satellite office in San Francisco, people can now have meetings with the mothership in peace and quiet!
David L.
ROOM gives us the ability to provide flexibility for our members
The desire for flexibility in the modern workplace — in lease terms, space, and design —makes ROOM a clear choice for us. ROOM gives us the ability to continue providing flexibility for our members and bring the modern workplace to life.
Eivind K.
Inside a ROOM, you feel like a king in a castle.
If you’re a company that's collaborative and you want to move a million miles a minute, it’s important to set yourself up with the right infrastructure. ROOM offers that quiet place, and any fast-growing company could benefit from them.
Sebastian H.
Extra conference space, simple process
This has given our growing company another "conference room"! The ordering process was simple, we were updated during the shipping process so there were no surprises. We would recommend and we plan on buying more when we move later this year!
Brenda L.
ROOM helped us create the perfect day 2 plan
ROOM has positively shifted how employees leverage our office space, providing the perfect balance for our organization. We are happy to share that ROOM is now part of our proactive strategy as we consider future office needs and expansion. We know that incorporating ROOM into our Day 1 planning will help us empower our employees to do their best work.
Jessica B.
We need everything to be efficient, flexible and modular, and ROOM delivers.
ROOM has been really easy to work with. We had to reroute an order on the fly to San Francisco from New York, and ROOM responded quickly, delivering on time and fast. That was crucial, because things move fast here. I regularly recommend ROOM to our clients and to any company that’s looking for an easy, modular solution to the need for office privacy.
Natalie B.
5 stars for everything!
5 Stars for design, 5 Stars for functionality, 5 Stars for everything. Couldn't be more pleased! Based on usage, it might not be long before we add more! Went with ROOM for the sleek look, reasonable price, and stellar design. No doubt about it, ROOM was a win for us!
Amanda T.
ROOM makes life easy
I hope all my suppliers are as efficient as ROOM! The ordering process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The delivery updates are always on-time. Just as I was thinking of making a follow-up, I already had an email update. How could life be so easy?
Lindsay P.
DTSI Group
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